From the MASSAGE Magazine article titled “MediCupping Therapy,” by Anita Shannon-Krizek in the September 2008 issue. Article summary: Various materials—old medications, inflammatory agents, cellular wastes and acids in stagnant lymph fluid—accumulate in the body’s tissues. MediCupping cleanses the body, partly through increased blood flow that brings oxygen and nutrition to the cells and tissues.

A student who attended a workshop had just seriously injured her hand and was told that her massage-therapy career was most likely over. She worked with the magnetic micro-cup equipment on herself and was able to join and complete the class, then go back to work.

MediCupping techniques create ease for the practitioner in facilitating change for clients, and are also superb for self-care.
• Integration of the methods and equipment into existing protocols relieves strain on the practitioner’s hands and allows for unique negative-pressure techniques that are not possible without a vacuum apparatus.

• Massage therapists who suffer injuries and stress from  overwork can self-treat quickly and with very little effort.

—Anita Shannon-Krizek