IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 11, 2010 — MEDL Mobile Inc.(, a leader in mobile application development and the company behind internationally such successful apps as Boxhead, Note to God and Mall Maps, has launched a new app that allows users to have a complete gym, fitness plan and personal trainer in the palm of their hands. The app, entitled iSometrics, is an all-inclusive handbook to completing isometric exercise programs under any situation using more than 50 guides, training charts, built-in tools and readily available furniture.

“I have been performing isometric exercises since my late teens and I believe this unique activity will benefit people of all ages,” said Paul Martin, founder of the iSometrics app. “I used to play a lot of rugby, but working late often meant I had to find another way of doing some additional exercise.”

The app allows users to choose exercises based on where they will be done, such as sitting at a desk, standing or riding in a car. There is also an option to find exercises by what muscle they work out. Each exercise includes a photo, a set of instructions and a repetition timer. In addition, the app allows users to save their exercises and create fitness plans for themselves, so they can keep their workouts organized.

“Studies have shown that people are spending more time at their desks and in their cars than before,” said Dave Swartz, MEDL co-founder. “With iSometrics, they can get in a workout at the office or on the road.”

To view a demo of iSometrics, click here:

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