It often has been said that variety is the spice of life. Even in the massage or bodywork session room, this phrase can hold true. As a professional touch therapist, it is a good idea to keep a variety of tools on hand, in order to respond to the needs of each specific client. Not only may this help to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of your clients, but it also may help to keep your daily work lively and interesting.

For example, if you listen to the same music day in and day out in the session room, you are bound to get bored of the album, even if it is a very good one. Instead of having only one or two CDs for your massage or bodywork sessions, take the time to buy more albums suitable to relaxation, or create your own catalog of playlists for work. This way, you can also tailor the music in the session room to the individual client on your table, or the type of bodywork techniques you plan to employ in the appointment.

Another aspect of massage and bodywork where variety may come into play in a positive way is with massage creams. By keeping a wide array of massage creams in stock in your session room, you should be prepared to meet the needs of nearly any client to the best of your ability. If you only keep one or two types of massage cream on hand, however, you will not have the option to enhance the session in such a way.

One kind of massage cream almost every massage or bodywork professional should keep in stock is a hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, all-natural lubricant. There are many people who are not tolerant of scent or synthetic ingredients of any kind. Still others may be able to tolerate massage creams that contain these elements, but they may not wish to be covered in such a cream, if given a choice.

Therefore, be sure to find a massage cream for those clients with sensitive skin, allergies or aversions to any sort of additives. Fortunately, there are many such creams on the market that continue to offer a high-quality combination of friction and glide.

Another kind of massage cream you may wish to add to your supply cabinet, if it’s not already in there, is a massage cream with pain-relieving properties. One of the top reasons quite a few clients book appointments with massage therapists or bodyworkers is because they are experiencing physical aches and pains. If the pain is extreme and uncomfortable, certain clients may benefit from the application of a pain-relieving massage cream. These creams typically use ingredients, such as Arnica montana or menthol, in order to temporarily relieve pain.

These are only two examples of the types of massage cream a well-prepared bodyworker might want to have on hand to meet the needs of his or her clients to the absolute fullest. Other examples might include a massage cream that contains powerful moisturizers, for those clients with extremely dry skin or who live in a very dry region or during cold and windy winters.

—Brandi Schlossberg