Using the newest green technologies throughout the design, construction and delivery of their memory foam mattress products, NuRem’s eco-friendly mattresses offer the closest thing to true organic bedding.

More and more ecologically conscious people are making the choice to “go green” from the foods they eat and the cleaning products they purchase, to recycling and energy choices that help reduce the negative impact on our planet. Now a Boulder, Colorado company offers a way to go green while getting a good nights rest.

“We don’t think comfort should come at the expense of sustainability,” said Bill Nack, of NuRem Mattress, an online retailer of eco-friendly alternative sleep products. “Most bedding companies consider a product green if it features small amounts of organically grown cotton. But you’ll find our signature green technologies used throughout the design, construction and even the delivery of our memory foam mattresses.”

NASA developed the first generation of memory foam back in the 1970s for use in the space shuttle. Continued developments were made at the request of the hospital industry, recognizing its potential health benefits. Today, memory foam is found in a host of products but its most popular application is mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows.

According to Nack, one of the big complaints with memory foam mattresses in the past was the harsh chemical odor that could sometimes take as much six months to air out. NuRem overcame that problem by curing their mattresses with green tea extract rather than chemicals. “Most people recognize the health benefits of green tea. We found that it is also highly effective in neutralizing all kinds of odors including mildew. Another renewable alternative substance we use to eliminate odors and absorb moisture is activated charcoal made from coconut husks,” explained Nack.

Older mattresses were treated with formaldehyde and bromic acid to make them fire retardant. Rather than using these toxic chemicals, NuRem wraps their memory foam mattress in Kevlar, and organic fire retardant fiber introduced by Dupont in the 1970s.

NuRem’s nano-silver technology offers anti-allergenic protection as well, stopping dust mites, airborne molds, fungus, dander and harmful bacteria from collecting in and around your mattress. This natural electro-static deterrent helps provide a naturally pure sleeping surface.

NuRem eco friendly mattresses are ordered online. The mattresses are compressed, heat-sealed, then rolled in a canvas bag and put in a box small enough to be drop-shipped by UPS or FedEx. This not only reduces their carbon footprint, but also significantly lowers the price point.

“We know of no other mattress company that offers the same environmentally sensitive technologies at the same competitive price,” said Nack. “We really do go all out to make sure our consumers get a safe, healthy, and ‘green’ nights sleep.”

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