The Massage Therapist’s Handbook is recommended by the Swedish Institute in New York City. 

Michael Alicia, a long-time instructor at the Swedish Institute in New York City, has published a new handbook on the practical aspects of the business of massage. With its easy-to-read, conversational style, The Massage Therapist’s Handbook: A Practical Guide to the Business of Massage has been hailed by instructors, students and even veteran therapists as a valuable tool for therapists trying to navigate the rigors of starting, maintaining and growing a massage practice. Alicia explains that the project began as a collection of interviews with successful therapists from around the country detailing the qualities, characteristics and discipline they used to build and grow their practices. The Massage Therapist’s Handbook is full of real-world examples drawn from all of these successful therapists and from Alicia’s own practice.

Alicia says, “Throughout my years of teaching, I have found that my students are always enthralled by discussions of my day-to-day experiences in starting and maintaining my practice. My real-life experiences of how I navigated through decisions like how to advertise, how to set or raise my fees, how to maintain clear boundaries with clients, always hold their interest. I wanted to write a text that was less a textbook and more a handbook with the practical pieces of wisdom that so often get overlooked in the formal educational process. The book is almost like a mentor for young therapists to turn to for guidance—but it is also a refreshing reminder for veteran therapists to reconnect with the simple focus of putting the client first and building their practice one client, one massage at a time.”

The Massage Therapist’s Handbook is available at the Swedish Institute bookstore or online at,, and Michael Alicia’s website,