No matter whether you work in a region that is mostly dry or humid, a place with four seasons or an area where the climate remains the same for most of the year, there is one trait many people seek in any product that is made for the skin: moisture.

As a professional massage therapist or bodyworker, you have the opportunity to easily increase the perceived value of your services by using a massage cream that can bring noticeable moisturizing benefits to the skin of your clients. Clients who leave a relaxing and restoring massage therapy or bodywork session with softer, smoother and more supple skin may be far more likely to come back for more.

Perhaps you are unsure if your current massage cream provides any moisturizing benefits to one’s skin. An easy way to find out is to go grab your massage cream right now and apply it to your own skin. If the massage cream sinks in without any noticeable hydrating effects, than it probably does not provide enough moisture to make your clients take note.

Fortunately, there a quite a few high-quality massage creams on the market that do offer rich hydration. Common ingredients in these kinds of massage creams may be shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, and various other nut oils and butters, as well as such items as hyaluronic acid.

As you begin your search for a massage cream that will give your clients unforgettably soft, smooth and supple skin, be sure to check the ingredient list of each massage cream to see if it has any of these or other ingredients known for their hydrating properties. Many massage creams that provide powerful moisturizing perks may make it quite clear on the label or description of the massage cream.

Of course, having a massage cream that gives your clients great-feeling skin does not mean the same massage cream will provide the right combination of friction and glide for you and the massage therapy or bodywork techniques you perform most days. This is why it is important to test new massage creams in sample sizes before making a big purchase.

Most massage cream companies will be more than happy to send you a few samples or sell you a trial size of the massage cream. Narrow down your list of moisturizing massage creams, then get your samples or trial size bottles of the massage cream and begin to test out the candidates. Recruit family members, colleagues or friends to try out each massage cream.

By using the massage cream in a test session, you should be able to determine if it suits the types of techniques you tend to use. Then, you can ask the family member, colleague or friend if he or she notices any positive benefits in terms of skin that is far more hydrated.

Taking the time to find the massage cream that offers amazing moisturizing and the right consistency for your hands-on techniques is well worth the time and effort. The investment can pay off by providing clients with an added sense of value and pampering, which is a wonderful way to keep clients coming back for more.