These days more and more men are becoming regular spa goers. They are finally recognizing that the spa may not only be a place where women are pampered but actually a vital tool in overall wellness. Spas such as Champneys Marbella are catering more and more to the needs of the working male. One of the favorite treatments are massages for the working male that tend to the specific problems they encounter while in the work place. These include poor blood circulation from sitting at the computer all day, cramping hands and fingers from working the keyboard and phone, and underexposure to sunlight from being inside all day. All these elements can add up over time and take a major toll on the human body. This is where the spa steps in to reverse these effects and the elevated stress levels that accompany them. Champneys in the UK claims that up to 40% of their clients are men. This is a huge jump from only a decade ago when most men would not be caught dead entering a spa. Champneys even offers an exclusive Elemis IQ facial which is said to be a complete overhaul for those who spend all day in artificial lighting. Treatments such as these are enticing more and more men to the spa in search of overall wellness and health.