MASSAGE Magazine Logo - more massage toolsTo complement “Tools for a Happy, Healthy Career” in the July 2015 issue of MASSAGE Magazine. Summary: These massage tools can help therapists give their hands a break during sessions, act as retail items to sell, and assist in self-care.

As a massage therapist, your hands are your most important tools. In addition to practicing regular self-care, you should give them a break when you can.

Our editors have chosen some of the best massage tools on the market to help you deliver maximum value to clients while minimizing wear and tear on your most valuable asset. We’ve also included tools for self-care that could double as items to offer for retail sale.

When you choose professional tools to help you with your work and self-care, you can better serve your clients and extend the life of your hands—and your career.


Sticks and Stones Combo Pack - Nayada InstituteSticks and Stones Combo Pack

Nayada Institute

Provide hot or cold stone massage with the Hot Stone Accu-Roller—its soapstone wheels can be cooled or heated, and will hold heat for 20 minutes. Arrange them on the all-natural, hardwood stick in whatever configuration works best for your client. This set comes with an extra set of stones and the Accu-Stick, an acupressure tool for precise deep tissue work.

Sticks and Stones Combo Pack costs $209.99. Contact Nayada Institute, (716) 217-0577 or


AcuballDr. Cohen’s Heatable acuBall

Dr. Cohen’s acuProducts

The Acuball’s precision nibs help penetrate and separate tight muscles and fascia. It is also heatable: 60 seconds in the microwave will keep it hot for an hour. Use for self-care, with clients during massage sessions, and as a retail item for clients to use between sessions.

Dr. Cohen’s Heatable acuBall costs $29.99. Contact Dr. Cohen’s acuProducts, (866) 444-2255 or


Sassi Stones 2SSassi Stones 2S

Sassi Stone

These stones are marketed as the world’s first self-heating massage stones. Made of Moroccan sand stoneware and powered by a renewable, rechargeable battery, they take less than a minute to heat up and stay hot for two hours. Use in a traditional hot-stone session, or during seated massage. Set includes two stones, two batteries and two chargers.

Sassi Stones 2S cost $199.95. Contact Sassi Stones,


3BTape - 3B Scientific3BTape

3B Scientific

This kinesiology tape is made from a latex-free, hypoallergenic, cotton/rayon fiber. A wave-like adhesive pushes sweat and moisture away from the tape, making it water-resistant and air-permeable. Use this tape on yourself or with clients to help ease pain or improve the symptoms of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, edema and plantar fasciitis. Available in six colors.

3BTape costs $9.95 for a 16-foot roll, or $55 for a 103-foot bulk roll. Contact (888) 326-6335 or


Yamuna Foot Fitness KitFoot Fitness Kit

Yamuna Body Rolling

This set of two Foot Waker tools and accompanying Yamuna Foot Fitness DVD is designed to promote flexibility, increase range of motion and restore the foot’s natural movement. The tools’ textured surface helps work the feet to stimulate, tone and elongate muscles and tendons. Because they can be used standing or sitting, these tools are ideal to take to work to care for your feet on the job.

Foot Fitness Kit costs $65.95. Contact Yamuna Body Rolling, (212) 367-9570 or


Med-Stone Deep TissueMed-Stone Deep Tissue (DT)

Med-Stone Enterprises LLC

This rechargeable massage stone features a top half that stays cool in your hand and a textured bottom half, which may help stimulate blood flow and allow for deeper heat penetration. This stone heats to 130 degrees in two minutes; heat can last up to two hours per charge. Use directly on skin with a lubricant, or over clothing.

Med-Stone Deep Tissue (DT) costs $69.95. Contact Med-Stone Enterprises LLC, (623) 565-3906 or


Sacro WedgySacro Wedgy

Sacro Wedgy

This massage tool helps stabilize the sacrum; lets gravity relax muscles and release nerves; and provides easier access to the psoas and piriformis muscles. Use it on yourself or with clients to assist in relieving symptoms of sciatica, hip pain, back pain and more. It makes a good retail item, and you can save up to 26 percent by ordering in large quantities.

Sacro Wedgy costs $33.95. Contact Sacro Wedgy, (800) 737-9295 or


Hatfield StrapHatfield Calf Strap

The Hatfield Strap

Designed to help rehabilitate plantar fasciitis, this strap is an effective tool for giving you the perfect calf-and-foot stretch. It spreads the force of the stretch across the entire width of the foot to simulate the same stretch you get when standing. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

Hatfield Calf Strap costs $55. Contact The Hatfield Strap, (850) 688-6618 or


SportStones - CoreStonesSportStones


These stones are heavier and larger in diameter than CoreStones’ original stones. This combination of size and weight allows for deep, specific work with less stress on wrists and hands. Made of soapstone, SportStones feature specially designed angles for deep muscle stripping, myofascial release and pressure point release. The set includes a 10-inch stone, angled 6-inch stone and a 5-inch stone.

SportStones cost $188 for the three-piece set; each stone can also be purchased individually. Contact CoreStones, (877) 614-2727,


Thera Pac - Grampa's GardenThera Pac with Organic Cotton Cover

Grampa’s Garden

This soft wrap conforms to the neck, upper shoulders and back, and can be heated or cooled to help ease muscle pain and tension. Measuring 16.5 inches by 12 inches, it is made of unbleached cotton muslin. The organic cover is removable for washing.

Thera Pac with Organic Cotton Cover costs $35.50. Contact Grampa’s Garden, (877) 373-4328 or


Happy Trigger - Bifrost LLCHappy Trigger

Bifrost LLC

This deep-pressure massage tool, manufactured in Sweden, offers deep, powerful and easily controlled acupressure to use on trigger points and sore, tense muscles. This tool also provides self-massage for back, buttocks, chin, calves and feet. Made of oak and Swedish spring steel, this tool comes with a lifetime guarantee and makes an ideal retail item.

Happy Trigger costs $49. Contact Bifrost LLC,



Kiss Life LLC

This cradle is a gentle, easy-to-use home therapy system that helps relieve stress, tension and pain. Placed under the back of the head, neck and body, it assists in relaxing tired, tense muscles; promotes relief from aches, pains and fatigue; and restores the body to a deep state of comfort. Use for self-care or during sessions, or add CranioCradle to your retail offerings.

CranioCradle costs $36. Contact Kiss Life LLC, (888) 380-6748 or


Thera˚PearlThera˚Pearl Sports Pack

Thera˚Pearl LLC

Created by a leading doctor and entrepreneur, this reusable pack conforms to the skin, providing consistent hot or cold therapy to affected areas. After being heated or chilled, it will hold its therapeutic temperature for up to 20 minutes. Use this pack to help ease sprains, muscle aches, workout soreness, swelling, puffiness or bruising.

TheraPearl Sports Pack costs $11.99. Contact TheraPearl LLC, (877) 732-7509 or


Dolphin Neurostim OTC - Acumed LtdDolphin Neurostim OTC Kit

Acumed Medical Ltd.

This battery-operated, handheld TENS unit allows you to mimic the results of acupuncture, using electronic impulses instead of needles. Its built-in point finder helps you locate areas of low resistance, so you can quickly and easily treat sore, aching muscles in your back, arms and legs. The included user guide is designed to be easy to understand and provides details on the locations of your body’s acupuncture points.

Dolphin Neurostim OTC Kit costs $399. Contact Acumed Medical Ltd., (800) 567-7246 or


Powerball Platinum - DFXPowerball Platinum Gyro Exerciser with PowerDock

DFX Sports and Fitness

Strengthen your hand, wrist, arm and shoulder muscles with this gyro resistance trainer, which can also help address carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendinitis and repetitive stress injuries. It is marketed as a tool that will help increase strength, improve dexterity and increase blood flow. Available with white, green or blue lights.

Powerball Platinum Gyro Exerciser with PowerDock costs $49.99. Contact DFX Sports and Fitness, (800) 480.8084 or


More massage tools

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