Save Your Hands with Golf Ball Massage

Being a massage therapist is hard work. We push ourselves to make sure our clients get the deep massages they desire, but we often do this to the point of risking injury to our hands and fingers. It’s in our nature to be givers in our chosen line of work. We have a great desire […]

A Behind-the-Scenes Report on Sports Massage Therapy

Sponsored by Custom Craftworks The field of sports massage therapy is a very popular specialization within our profession; however, massage therapists are often challenged when it comes to defining it. When a therapist advertises that she is a sports massage therapist, does she really understand what that means? This article will cover some of the […]

Get Lasting Results with This Myofascial Technique

Long, static myofascial releases held for at least five minutes or more during bodywork will create longer-lasting, more permanent results—and creating those kinds of results for clients is something we all want. Are you ready to change up your approach and add a myofascial technique that will help you give a better massage, and be […]

Massage and Cryotherapy: A Case Study

To complement “What Is Cooler Than Being Cold? Whole-Body Cryotherapy” in the August 2016 print edition of MASSAGE Magazine. For a few years now, the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy have been explored among athletes for recovery, for the chronically ill for inflammation control, and for the wellness-minded for improved sleep and rejuvenation—but the benefits for the […]

The Art of Massage

We often hear or read that massage is an art and a science. Massage schools’ curricula generally cover the science needed to knowledgeably perform massage; however, that massage is also essentially an art is something the field has never clearly and fully articulated, tested for or taught. “Symphony must be like the world—it must contain everything,” said composer and conductor Gustav Mahler. If […]

Rolfing Structural Integration: Whole-Body Well-Being

  Upright is not uptight. Even if you don’t appreciate clever slogans, you probably recognize this one is based on an important insight into our physical nature: Our sense of well-being and ability to function is uniquely tied to how well or poorly we manage and maintain our upright form in gravity. Some 60 years ago, Ida P. […]