For Lorraine Genewick, co-owner and founder of the L Spa in Marana, Arizona, opening up a medical spa practice with her daughter Layna, was the culmination of years of study and hard work.

Cortiva Institute School of Massage Therapy in Tucson graduate Lorraine Genewick, and her daughter Layna, a skincare expert, along with other co-owners Jack Miller and Christine Hagadorn, round out the management team of L Spa — the “L” after Lorraine and Layna’s first names.

“I wanted to offer a unique combination of massage therapy and skincare services, as well as such specialized treatments as myoskeletal alignment and trigger point therapy for injury recovery,” said Lorraine Genewick.

While at Cortiva Institute School of Massage Therapy in Tucson, Lorraine Genewick met

classmate Jack Miller, a retired officer of the Department of Corrections, who was looking for a new direction and wanted to work in the healing arts, a significantly different environment than what he was used to. Miller’s background in martial arts combined with his passion for deep tissue massage techniques was a compelling skill set for Genewick’s business.

The team also recruited Licensed Massage Therapist Christine Hagadorn. Originally from the field of behavioral health, Hagadorn is also a Cortiva graduate who works part time at L Spa.

With her spa’s emphasis on healing and specialized injury recovery services, Genewick has strong opinions on what role massage therapy and body work play in the world of healthcare. “Muscle tissue is a big player in chronic pain and, as health practitioners, we need to educate the public and physicians on the role of massage that is beyond stress management and relaxation. In this economy especially, people are looking for ways to keep their health and relieve pain so they can keep going. Massage is perfect in that role,” said Genewick.

The diverse team believes that their business has a significant place in the continuum of good health and wellness. “We love what we do and that we are able to impact people’s lives for the better,” said Lorraine Genewick.

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