BERKLEY, MI — For heath-care professionals, years of repetitive motion can cause muscles and joints to lose their ability to perform properly due to aches and pains, which ultimately can affect their ability to earn an income.

The end result can be missed work and other situations that can often force professionals into early retirement. But pain doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of the professional’s life. John Gifford, author of Essential Stretches You’ll Actually Use, can help keep people working pain-free.

Gifford specializes in helping health-care professionals develop stretching programs to avoid and alleviate pain. Gifford created Essential Stretches as a simple, easy-to-follow guide to help his clients develop and enjoy the benefits of a general stretching program.

“There were several good stretching books on the market, but they weren’t practical for most people because they were large, complicated and difficult to navigate,” says Gifford. “Essential Stretches fits in your pocket and provides more than 30 stretches for common areas of tightness and tension. Its an easy-to-use guide that is color-coded by body region and contains clear photographs and simple instructions. We also have a companion wall poster that demonstrates the stretches.”

Essential Stretches is now available at and will be available in selected locations Feb. 1. 

Starting at 10 books, the buyer will receive 40 percnet off or $9.57 per book and will resell them for $15.95. Larger discounts will be given with the purchase of larger quantities.