Hatboro, PA (Sept. 13, 2012) – MOTUS Therapeutic Methods LLC, in cooperation with PerformTex Products LLC, has launched its newly developed website and course offerings.

MOTUS Therapeutic Methods LLC officially released its highly anticipated and reviewed course offerings and website. With its primary goal of creating a learning platform for the serious allied health practitioner, MOTUS incorporates the most innovative educators and educational system dedicated solely to the advancement of the science and quality of rehabilitative care.

“This is a very exciting time for physical medicine practitioners, there are tremendous advances in the understanding of mechanotransduction and cell signaling that explain the effects of the therapies we use on a daily basis,” says Dr. Vince De Bono, co-creator and lead instructor for MOTUS Therapeutic Methods. ” We have attempted to incorporate these concepts in an understandable and clinically relevant manner into our MOTUS courses as a basis for clinical decision making in the area of elastic therapeutic taping and soft-tissue methods.”

Dr. David Parish, co-creator and lead instructor for MOTUS Therapeutic Methods, goes on to say, “I am a firm believer in the Olympic ideal of Citius, Altius, Fortius; Faster, Higher, Stronger, and I look to bring those ideals to those I treat and teach. MOTUS is the vessel that carries these ideals, it was built to drive continued improvement in application and education.”

“PerformTex could not be more proud of aligning and offering our complete support of the MOTUS system,” states John Jarvis, marketing director for PerformTex Products LLC. “By working with two, of whom many consider to be true innovators, leaders and visionary’s within the world in regards to kinesiology taping and myofascial therapy treatment, we finally have a system in place created by practitioners for practitioners. We, as a team, will strive to offer the very best and truly offer actual advancement, in not only our product line, but educational offerings.”

For more information on MOTUS Therapeutic Methods and its alignment with PerformTex Products LLC, visit www.motustherapeuticmethods.com.