Pacific Reflexology is proud to sponsor “Moving The Energy: The Interface of Reflexology, Massage, and the 12 Meridians and 5 Elements” with uthor and international teacher Lilian Tibshraeny-Morten. This is a two-part, three-day workshop with board-approved continuing education contact hours.

Part 1 of “Moving the Energy” will cover such topics as: The flow of the 12 meridians and their channel pathology; understanding Qi and how it affects the organs and your general health; functions of the organs from the Chinese perspective; specialized reflexology techniques and the practical application of extra points on the hands and feet as applied to specific conditions; understanding the five elements and how to apply them in your daily life; and the underlying mental/emotional causes of physical dysfunction.

Part 2 of “Moving the Energy” will cover refining assessment skills; using Eastern Philosophy; What is disease? Two extraordinary meridians; patterns of disease; Midday-Midnight Law; face, tongue and pulse assessment; and more.

“Moving The Energy 1” costs $250 and includes a new workbook and the unique Twelve Meridians and Five Elements Reference Guide. “Moving The Energy 2” costs $125 and includes a full-color workbook.

Register online at or call (727) 319-6818.