National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, held each year by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), took place Oct. 21–27. AMTA members throughout the U.S. promoted the benefits of massage therapy to their communities.

Among the outreach massage therapists engaged in were:

• In Gurnee, Illinois, massage therapists Ellen Winick and Susan Barg offered services to benefit A Safe Place, a shelter and counseling center for victims of domestic violence, reported the Sun Times, a newspaper serving Gurnee.

• In Big Bear Lake, California, massage therapists from Mountain Mobile Massage and Spa offered massage demonstrations and 35 -percent discounts to locals for mobile massage services, according to Big Bear Grizzly, a newspaper serving Big Bear Lake.

The newspaper ran a feature article on massage therapy. “Feeling a little tight? Got a nagging pain in your neck or back? Or are you just feeling out of sorts but you’re not sure what treatment to turn to?” the article stated. “Clinical research shows massage therapy is beneficial for a wide variety of health issues, including stress, arthritis, back pain, muscle injuries and overall maintenance of good health.”

• In Arlington, Virginia, massage therapist Stephanie Pile sponsored a Business Matters luncheon, a core event of the Capital Area Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, according to a press release.

• In Denton, Texas, massage therapist Amber Briggle spoke with local newspaper Denton Record Chronicle.

“‘Clinical research shows that getting a massage does have health benefits,'” the newspaper quoted Briggle as saying. “‘It is helpful when you are sick or injured, and it can be something you should add to your wellness routine.'”

“Briggle said a massage should be considered more than a luxury because it is known to help many people—from women who need prenatal massage to athletes who can gain more flexibility and it helps improve circulation,” the newspaper article stated. “The AMTA also says massage helps improve cancer-related fatigue, decrease back pain, aid osteoarthritis of the knee, lower blood pressure and help in other ways.”