Mum’s The word offer all the essentials for new mums, from stretch mark creams, breast pumps and baby changing bags, to organic baby clothes

PR Log (Press Release) – Jun 01, 2010 – began with the modest aim of bringing high quality, natural and organic pregnancy products to expecting mums and new mums alike. Initially focussing on skin care, beauty and well-being preparations, the company’s skin-care range has expanded exponentially since it began trading in 2004. So has its mission.

Today, is dedicated to bringing a superlative range of maternity products to help mothers through every stage of pregnancy and beyond—whether struggling with morning sickness or fretting over stretch marks, worrying over breastfeeding or wanting to learn some soothing baby massage.

MumsTheWord believes every pregnancy is unique; doctors and midwives may be experts on pregnancy in general, but mothers are the experts on their pregnancy–and their baby–in particular. Most mothers know each pregnancy is different, and the same general rules just don’t fit everyone’s experiences and needs. That’s why doesn’t simply stock a single stretchmark cream; it stocks 19. They also stock six different perineal massage oils, 14 different morning-sickness remedies and 50 different breastfeeding products. The latter include nipple creams, breast pumps, breast pads, nursing necklaces and assorted storage bags.

Most of the products remain organic, as in the early days, but some of them aren’t; the company wants to ensure that it carries the most effective product for your unique requirements, but since all of them have been specifically developed for pregnant women, they are all safe and suitable for moms-to-be during this profoundly special time. All products appearing online will have a list of ingredients alongside the product description, so that purchasers are fully informed of what they are buying before they part with any money. The company doesn’t pretend to be run by qualified health-care specialists, though, and recommends that moms discuss any worries they may have about a particular product with their general practitioners before purchasing.

But there’s more to a successful pregnancy and more to mothering than shopping. also offers educational information through a range of online articles covering a whole raft of relevant topics, from coping with morning sickness to breastfeeding, labour and recovery to establishing sleep routines for your new arrival.

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