Las Vegas, March 12, 2011- Dr. Melanie Wilkinson, N.D., N.C.B.M.T.B.,  author of Making Muscle Whole Again and Working Deeply, will be conducting a workshop for massage therapists on March 29 at The Stirling Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Holding multiple degrees in psychology and natural health, Wilkinson has developed “The Muscle Whisperer” into a powerful muscle rehabilitation therapy, and is teaching this modality to others who work with the human body. According to Wilkinson, “Muscle requires a unique touch which helps to heal injuries and return clients to a pain-less quality of life.”

What makes this work unique is that it combines several different levels of awareness within the finger tips. Moreover, when mastered the techniques of “The Muscle Whisperer” allow the therapist to listen to what the muscle is saying and begins to resolve the injury.

Professionals in the industry will learn about her special techniques during a four-hour workshop held at the Stirling Club at 2927 Paradise Road in Las Vegas. The session begins at 9 a.m. The workshop costs $20, and registration can be done online at

This is a technique on the cutting edge of therapies, and after years of honing to perfection the technique, Wilkinson is in search of dedicated therapists who are frustrated with limited modalities and want to launch themselves into muscle healers, in fact, she says, “to become muscle whisperers in their own right.”

Wilkinson is a practicing therapist in the Palm Springs area and has worked with the body in multiple modalities for more than 20 years.