Music is a typical component of a relaxation massage session, as it helps clients drift into peace and relaxation.


A new review shows music as an intervention could reduce stress and anxiety in hospitalized patients undergoing mechanical ventilation, and that more research is needed.


Researchers from The Arts and Quality of Life Research Center, at Boyer College of Music and Dance, Temple University, set out to evaluate through literature review the effects of music on patients.

The objective was to “To examine the effects of music interventions with standard care versus standard care alone on anxiety and physiological responses in mechanically ventilated patients,” according to an abstract published on


“Music listening may have a beneficial effect on heart rate, respiratory rate, and anxiety in mechanically ventilated patients,” the researchers noted. “However, the quality of the evidence is not strong.

“Most studies examined the effects of listening to pre-recorded music. More research is needed on the effects of music offered by a trained music therapist,” they added.


“Music interventions for mechanically ventilated patients” ran in the Cochrane Database 2010 Dec 8;12:CD006902.)


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