BOULDER, CO (May 20, 2010) –Jonathan Goldman, a world-renowned pioneer and authority in the field of sound healing, has announced the release of his new, transformative CD 2013: Ecstatic Sonics (Spirit Music Inc.)–the aptly entitled follow-up to his award-winning CD 2012: Ascension Harmonics, which received the coveted Visionary Award for Best Healing Meditation Album from COVR (Coalition of Visionary Retailers) last year.

“2013 will be a time of great evolutionary activation—the result of a quantum leap in our consciousness that will have occurred through 2012, this CD is a sonic attempt to create what this represents. It is a compendium of different recordings that embody what I perceive of as being the energy for 2013. There are chants to divine entities that interface with frequencies of consciousness shifting and healing,” states Goldman.

2013: Ecstatic Sonics features 18 different mantras, chants and unique sacred sounds combined together to create a soothing, seamless flow of vibrational energy created to heal and transform. This recording is designed to initiate altered states of consciousness and activate heightened awareness. 2013: Ecstatic Sonics assists vibrational activation and frequency shifts. The sacred, multidimensional ecstatic sounds are ideal for enhancing meditation and relaxation as well as for rituals, shamanic journeys and the ascension process.

Goldman, a Grammy nominee, has had many successful and cutting edge recordings, as well as, many bestselling books that focus on the power of sound to heal and transform. His albums are well known, not only for their unique and extraordinary ability, but also their liner notes.

With 2013: Ecstatic Sonics, Goldman utilized a first-time-ever sound experience incorporating specific frequencies that encode the psychological condition of joy and ecstasy to the listener, along with the energies of compassion and enlightenment. These specific sonics came from another sound healing pioneer—Dr. Peter Guy Manners, a British developer of Cymatics Therapy who was a mentor of Goldman’s more than 30 years ago.

“Decades ago, I had discussed the concept of applying some of Dr. Manners frequencies in music,” Goldman shares, “Now, along with all the incredible mantras, chants and other sacred sounds on 2013: Ecstatic Sonics, I was able to apply this very subtle, but powerful layer of composite frequencies developed by Dr. Manners. The response thus far from listeners has been phenomenal.”

Part of Goldman’s international reputation as a master in the field of sound healing is his creation of sounds (“sonics”) that are new and different—whether they be the first publicly released recording featuring dolphin sounds (“Dolphin Dreams”) or the first recording to ever be based entirely on the mathematical sequence of the “phi ratio” (or Fibonacci series) featured in Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code, which Goldman used in The Lost Chord.

2013: Ecstatic Sonics is available for purchase at,, at bookstores nationwide and for download via the Internet.