My Learning Library Releases New Reflexology Course, MASSAGE MagazineCASTINE, MAINE. My Learning Library has released a new course: Principles of Reflexology (8 CEs).

Reflexology is an ancient healing art. Reflexologists espouse that the body contains an energy field, called qi. If a person’s qi is blocked, this can prevent healing. Reflexologists claim to be able to relieve stress and pain in other parts of the body through the manipulation of the feet, hands and sometimes the ears.

This reflexology course includes history, benefits, contraindications and a massage protocol that includes a reflexology point routine designed to cover all the major organs in the body. The feet and the hands are included in the treatment. The treatment concludes with a series of massage strokes to the head, neck and shoulders designed to increase the clients’ overall relaxation experience.

For more information and to enroll into this course at an introductory price, click on this link. Retail $130; intro offer $89.99.

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