Boulder, Colorado — Corrective & Restorative Massage Therapy Services and Clint Chandler, a nationally recognized massage therapy instructor and 2002 AMTA Teacher of the Year Recipient, announce the release of MyoFinder. This media rich educational iPhone app offers a new approach to learning anatomy. It is an extensive musculoskeletal reference tool, available at the iTunes store under Healthcare & Fitness.

MyoFinder is a guide to anatomy studies for medical and wellness students, to assist them in locating and understanding 78 major muscles in the human body. Additionally, it provides reinforcement reference materials to healthcare professionals.

MyoFinder iPhone App contains:

• Over 100 minutes of instructive HD videos, detailing palpatory anatomy, active range of motion & stretching

• Guided visuals exploring specific attachment sites thru skeleton overlays

• 78 muscle images superimposed over living models

• Access to vital information including Actions, Synergist, Antagonist and common pathologies

• A challenging multi-level anatomy game, MyoQuiz

“Knowing human anatomy is the basis for effective assessment, technique delivery, and the ability to facilitate positive outcomes in fitness, massage and manual therapy.” states Clint Chandler, Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, Educator and Creator of MyoFinder. “MyoFinder’s detailed anatomy text and instructive videos offer a review of 78 major muscles in 7 anatomical regions of the human body.”

Muscle and skeletal overlays enhance the viewer’s visual orientation and aid in showing the exact location of these critical anatomical structures.

MyoQuiz is an integral component of the MyoFinder app. It allows users to test their ability to recognize 78 muscles and progress through 4 distinct levels: Rookie, Novice, Master and Guru. There is also the ability to test oneself on one of seven regions within the body.

In addition to test preparation, MyoFinder is a reference tool for the working health care professional in the medical, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage & bodywork industries. It also extends resources for acupuncturists, personal & athletic trainers, nursing & medical technicians, yoga & pilates instructors.

Source: MyoFinder