No longer does style have to be sacrificed for fuel economy., the new online resource for consumers to research anything automotive, has compiled a list of the “Top 10 Sports Cars by Annual Fuel Cost” with cars that fit every budget. From the Hyundai Tiburon to the Porsche Cayman, this list has something for everyone. Even a Lotus model proves to be better for the environment than many of its counterparts.

IRVINE, Calif. (Business Wire EON) August 11, 2008 — This guide to green sports cars is part of’s continued focus on providing the latest and most in-demand car information on the web. Consumers’ attitudes have been shifting toward more fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly cars, and has been leading the charge on featuring a variety of eco-friendly content, including the top "green" cars in other categories such as crossovers and family sedans. And for those who are looking for latest developments in green car technology,’s "What’s Next: Hydrogen and Hybrids" highlights highly anticipated models like the Honda FCX Clarity and the Chevy Volt.

Rankings for the "Top 10 Sports Cars by Annual Fuel Cost" guide were based on the EPA’s annual fuel-cost ratings, which reflect the current national average gas price and assume 15,000 miles divided between 55 percent city and 45 percent highway. When annual fuel cost was the same, the net gain between city and highway efficiency and reviews and ratings were used as a tiebreaker.



  Make/Model   Combined MPG   Yearly Fuel Cost 10.

  Porsche Cayman

  23   $2,825 9.

  Porsche Boxster

  23   $2,825 8.

  Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

  22   $2,798 7.

  Mazda MX-5 Miata

  24   $2,708 6.

  Audi A4 Cabriolet

  24   $2,708 5.

  Hyundai Tiburon

  23   $2,675 4.

  Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe

  23   $2,675 3.

  Lotus Elise/Exige

  23   $2,675 2.

  Audi TT Roadster

  25   $2,598 1.

  Audi TT Coupe

  26   $2,501   About Autobytel Inc.

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