NAPW, The National Association of Professional Women, recently released the results of a membership poll of over 1,000 professional women across the country. The NAPW poll finds that professional women have a strong desire to connect with others, and are seeking greater skill development in the midst of the economic recession.

Garden City, NY (PRWEB) November 23, 2009 — NAPW released the results of its first-ever membership poll of the fastest growing professional women’s association in the U.S. The NAPW poll indicated that professional women, now more than ever, are turning to skills development and enhanced peer and mentor networking to help combat the economic downturn.

The National Association of Professional Women released the results of feedback from nearly 1,000 members selected at random from NAPW’s more than 40,000 members. The outreach was designed to better understand the benefits and services professional women currently use most, are most satisfied with, and want to take greater advantage of in the future.

NAPW member responses indicated a strong desire to connect with and learn from other members through such services as newsletters, webinars and such Web-based offerings as video interviews with business and lifestyle experts who impart insightful tips that are relevant to professional women. NAPW also found that their members seek access to discount programs for products and services for their professional and personal lives.

“We have every reason to believe that NAPW’s member-responses are indicative of the needs, wants and desires of professional women across the United States,” says Matthew Proman, the association’s president.

“The results of our outreach demonstrate that there are several key NAPW benefits that professional women use most often and are most satisfied with, as well as other benefits they want in the future. Additionally, member input reveals critical areas of interest that organizations like NAPW should focus on even more,” notes Proman

“Given professional women’s interest in connecting with other professional women, locally and at the national level, organizations like NAPW would be wise to enhance both online and direct-contact networking opportunities,” says Proman. “NAPW will be adding increased levels of sophistication to our existing online networking applications and will be making it easier for those members seeking mentoring to find mentors in their field of interest,” states Proman.

“By December 2009, NAPW members also will be able to interact and participate locally in thirty local National Association of Professional Women chapters, in addition to the 13 chapters that already are operating,” says Proman. “In addition, we are looking forward to organizing more conferences and live events at both the local and national levels,” he says. The organization has also embarked on an NAPW TV page online, as well as an NAPW MerchantCircle and NAPW Twitter Page to further allow members to interact.

To help lower the cost of products and services for professional women and their families, NAPWPerks, a member-only discount program, has recently been upgraded, offering members significant cost savings on the most comprehensive array of products and services from retailers from around the country. Explains Proman, “This offers professional women a direct opportunity to attach, head on, many of the challenges the current economic downturn has created for businesses and families alike.

To learn more, visit or call (866) 540-NAPW.