Kansas City, MO. With the wide array of massage lotions available on the market today, it is important therapists choose the right massage product for their own and their clients’ specific needs.

Because massage primarily involves applying mechanical pressure to the skin, it is important that the skin of both the therapist and client remain in good condition and optimally balanced. Therapists choose their products in consideration of the condition of the skin and the desired effects to be applied.

The properties of massage lotions play an important role in this. According to experts, they should be selected in terms of the length of the massage and the type of skin. The lotion should ensure a good gliding movement during the massage, and the client’s skin should be dry at the conclusion of the treatment.

The purpose of NAQI massage lotions are to:

  • Facilitate the gliding movement of the hands on the skin;
  • Protect the skin from mechanical pressure;
  • Promote the penetration of certain products into the skin; and
  • To care for the skin of both the therapist and client.

NAQI massage lotions:

  • are skin-friendly emulsions
  • have the same pH as skin
  • are well tolerated by skin
  • spread well over the body
  • are well absorbed into the skin
  • can be rinsed off with water
  • do not block pores
  • do not soil clothes
  • contain hypoallergenic perfumes.

To obtain optimal dispersal and penetration, NAQI carefully researched and offers a selective range of fine oils. Paraffin Pharma guarantees extended massages; cetearyl octanoate (synthetic oil, similar to skin lipids) facilitates the dispersal and does not hinder normal skin functions. Cyclomethicone and PPG-15-stearylether improve the feel of the skin and reduce oiliness. Thanks to the high content of synthetic oil, NAQI massage lotions have good spreading properties and do not hamper the skin’s normal functions.

NAQI massage lotions include:

  • NAQI Massage Lotion ULTRA. Our bestselling massage lotion has excellent lubricating properties and leaves the skin dry and soft after treatment. This lotion provides lasting hydration and protection and restores the natural skin balance. It is considered the Gold Standard Massage Lotion; ideal for use in massage therapy.
  • NAQI Massage Lotion LIGHT. Massage lotion LIGHT has a pleasant texture, ideal for short massages. This lotion provides lasting hydration and protection and restores the natural skin moisture balance, with a pleasant consistency for short massages (less than 20 minutes). After use, the skin feels soft but never oily.
  • NAQI Massage Lotion MEDIUM. This new soft and intensively hydrating formula is mineral oil-free. The new NAQI Massage Lotion Medium is especially suited for sensitive skin.
  • NAQI Massage Lotion SPORT. A new oil-rich massage lotion, with excellent lubricating properties. Specially designed for sports massages (longer than 40 minutes) Massage Lotion Sport enhances the natural harmony of the skin and provides intensive hydration which strengthens and softens the skin.
  • NAQI Massage Lotion RELAX. The Relaxing Massage Lotion with a soothing effect. This brand new hypoallergenic and natural massage lotion is designed for relaxing massages. The essential oils of lavender, bergamot and laurel leave a peaceful feeling on body and mind, reducing fatigue and stress.

For therapists that would like to sample the entire range of NAQI Massage Lotions, there is the NAQI Massage Special Offer that offers a free Massage Lotion SPORT with the purchase of one of each of the NAQI Massage Lotion ULTRA, LIGHT, MEDIUM and RELAX. The regular price of this combination is $98.37, but is available for $79.92 when ordered as the special.

The entire line of NAQI Massage Lotions is featured at www.NAQI.us.