KANSAS CITY, MO. Driven by continuous research along with an in-depth understanding of consumer needs, NAQI skin products have reached noteworthy levels of consumer and massage therapist acceptance throughout the world. NAQI skin care markets include the United Kingdom, several European countries, China, Australia and now the U.S.

Feedback from these markets give added information to NAQI R&D specialists in its home of Brussels, Belgium. Consumers from around the world expect the best from Belgium fine products–and that includes NAQI skin care lotions.

NAQI CEO Edgard Geyskens founded the company in 1986 in Halen, Belgium. His enormous educational background includes postgraduate studies in economics, financial management, business administration and health care from universities in Belgium and the U.S., including Cornell University. Geyskens is constantly on the search for more information about keeping the skin in top shape and effectively protecting the skin against the elements. His staff of physicians, researchers and production specialists persist in finding the perfect blend of ingredients and consistency to satisfy both consumers and massage therapists.

The first step is in NAQI R&D approach where company researchers focus first on a specific skin problem to find the most active ingredient to solve the problem. The result is a complete range of skin care products targeted to consumer skin care needs. Continual testing of its lotions produces the ideal combination of spreadibility, glide, contact with the skin, viscosity and the general feeling of the lotion.

It’s from these considerations that NAQI offers a range of up to 16.9-ounce bottles of massage lotions: NAQI Light, NAQI Medium, NAQI Ultra, NAQI Sport and NAQI Relax. The new NAQI website, www.NAQI.us, depicts these products and offers a special offer of five of the product on the massage products Web page.

Massage involves applying varying levels of pressure. This means that the skin of both the therapist as well as that of the client need to remain in good condition and optimally balanced. Therapists will choose their lotions to balance the condition of the skin with the desired effects.

Massage lotions should be selected according the length of the massage session to ensure a good gliding movement during the massage. The client’s skin should be dry and soft at the end of the treatment.

The NAQI difference is unique in that the liquid crystals, synthetic oils and active components, along with the fact that there are no parabens or formaldehyde in the entire line, results in the massage therapist has a completely different lotion to apply. They must feel, touch and try the product to completely satisfy the patient.

Massage schools and therapists who have tried NAQI massage lotions are enthusiastic about these products in that they are not too thick, nor to thin. They love the way they glide over the client’s body.

NAQI Massage Lotions were developed to:

  • Facilitate the gliding movement of the hands on the skin
  • Protect the skin from pressure
  • To care for the skin of both the massage therapist as well as that of the client

NAQI Massage Lotions provide the best skin-friendly treatment that:

  • Features skin-friendly emulsions
  • Has the same pH as skin
  • Is well tolerated by the skin
  • Spreads well evenly over the body
  • Is well absorbed into the skin
  • Does not contain parabens or formaldehyde (releasers)
  • Can be rinsed off with water
  • Does not block the pores
  • Does not stain clothes
  • Contains hypoallergenic perfumes

NAQI helped sponsor last year’s Summer Olympic Games in London, and is a significant sponsor of sporting activities around the world.

For more information, visit www.NAQI.us.