CALABASAS, CA — 06/08/10 — The National Academy of Sports Medicine® (NASM®), a global leader in personal trainer certification, corrective exercise and sports performance training, and the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association (NBATA) have announced the release of a new course designed to prevent and rehabilitate injuries in sports. “Corrective Exercise Strategies for Basketball” teaches health and fitness professionals across a variety of occupations how to correct common lower extremity dysfunctions caused by playing sports. While the primary focus of this new course is basketball, the information and techniques shared in it can be applied to athletes in any sport.

“‘Corrective Exercise Strategies for Basketball’ is designed to deliver consistent results by implementing a comprehensive, systematic human movement system assessment, integrated manual therapy and corrective exercise,” said Dr. Micheal Clark, NASM CEO. “This course is highly effective for not only athletic trainers, but also for other sports medicine professionals including chiropractors, licensed massage therapists and physical therapists.”

Founded on the principles of NASM’s exclusive Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model and human movement science, this course offers an in-depth look at the human movement system, system impairments and common lower extremity movement compensations that lead to pain and injury.

“What I like best about the OPT approach and the manual therapy and corrective exercise is that it doesn’t just treat the problem, but it seeks to identify the cause of the problem,” said Grant Hill, NBA All-Star. “I encourage everyone in the sports medicine field, as well as those who work with athletes, to learn about this course.”

Delivered in an online format, “Corrective Exercise Strategies for Basketball” offers exercises modeled by NBA All-Star Grant Hill, video demonstrations, downloadable text, online CEU exam and downloadable sample programs. This evidence-based curriculum empowers professionals with the advanced knowledge, skills and abilities required to safely and effectively work with clients of all levels, age and need.

“The NBATA was pleased to partner with the National Academy of Sports Medicine in the creation of this curriculum,” said Wally Blase, NBATA chairman and head athletic trainer for the Atlanta Hawks. “The fact that 93 percent of NBA athletic trainers hold the NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM PES) and/or the Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM CES) advance specializations is a testament to not only the effectiveness of, but trust in the OPT model for injury prevention and correction.”

Upon successful completion of this continuing education course, professionals will receive the following continuing education credit: NASM 0.5; CEU approval pending: NSCA, BOC.

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About the NBATA

The National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association (NBATA) is a professional organization of highly skilled certified athletic trainers who provide specialized health care and critical support services to the athletes and organizations of the National Basketball Association. The NBATA is dedicated to enhancing the professional stability of its members by maintaining an atmosphere of trust, support, motivation and involvement.

About NASM®

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