When massage therapist Tiffany Richards launched the Back Rub Company in 2005, she thought she would address the stress concerns of clients in the Phoenix, Arizona, area.

But four years later—as employers nationwide seek ways to keep employees healthy and productive—she has expanded her business into all 50 states. Now the company is seeking massage therapists to join its team.

A company press release notes that The American Journal of Health Promotions shows that for every dollar spent on wellness, employers can get up to $10 back through fewer medical claims, reduced absenteeism, improved productivity and other factors.

The Back Rub Company provides workplace wellness programs, including seated chair massage, fitness classes and lunch-and-learn workshops, in addition to event and trade-show massage. Richards says that not only in spite of the economy—but in large part because of it—The Back Rub Company’s services remain in demand.

”Most companies are cutting back to save money,” she said. “However, the majority of our clients have chosen to maintain their wellness programs and offer affordable options like chair massage or a weekly yoga class. They are one of the only things employees look forward to, especially when everyone is stressed, trying to stretch resources.”

For more information, visit www.thebackrubcompany.com.

Editor’s note: Massage therapists interested in expanding into corporate massage in their areas may read “Market Your Practice with Seated Massage,” by Ralph R. Stephens, which will be published in the May issue of MASSAGE Magazine.

—Karen Menehan