EVO.Com’s Green Shopping Engine and GenGreen Local Green Directory Join Green Guide’s Coverage of Smart Tips and Products to Help Shoppers Save Money and Planet

(CSRwire) WASHINGTON,D.C. – January 12, 2009 – National Geographic Green Guide (www.thegreenguide.com),EVO.com and GenGreenLife.com announce today the formation of a one-of-a-kind, green online destination where consumers can find reliable information on green products and lifestyle tips, make eco-conscious purchases and discover how to find and support local eco-friendly businesses.

“Our readers come to www.thegreenguide.com for tips on conservation and ideas on how to live greener lifestyles on a budget,” said Wendy Gordon, founder of National Geographic Green Guide. “Through our partnership with EVO.com and GenGreenLife.com, our editorial will now be complemented with resources that enable readers to purchase green products directly on the site and find out more information about local green businesses and services.”

EVO.com (www.evo.com) provides the National Geographic Green Guide site an immediate e-commerce option for purchasing more than 20,000 green products in various lifestyle categories, from clothing and household items to gadgets and automobiles. EVO.com aggregates goods from both large retailers and smaller boutiques to create a unique blend of familiar brands alongside cool, new discoveries. Each product and service offered on EVO.com has been carefully filtered to evaluate its social and environmental impact.

“To achieve mainstream adoption, going green has to be easy,” explains Daniel Siegel, founder and CEO of EVO.com. “We’re excited to deliver to National Geographic Green Guide customers a simple, credible way to locate and purchase healthier, cleaner, greener products.”

In addition, GenGreen has created a comprehensive resource of local green businesses and organizations helping Green Guide readers find green options close to home. The GenGreen Web site (www.GenGreenLife.com) has an extensive online green directory that makes local sustainable living easy for conscientious consumers everywhere. With more than 35,000 listings, in all 50 states and more than 5,400 cities, of neighborhood organic restaurants, local recycling centers, non-toxic dry cleaners, green pet stores, eco-friendly hiking trails, green jobs, green events and more, GenGreenLife.com helps consumers live greener lives while focusing locally.

“Throughout the process of building GenGreen, it has been our mission to get this valuable information in as many hands as possible,” said Charisse McAuliffe, founder and CEO of GenGreen LLC. “The sharing of content between GenGreen and National Geographic Green Guide is enhancing both of our users’ experiences to a level never seen before.”

About National Geographic Green Guide
National Geographic Green Guide is the go-to online resource online that smart consumers turn to for product advice, healthy living tips and money-saving home improvements. In 2008 the number of unique visitors to the site increased by 83 percent and page views grew by 90 percent. Green Guide, acquired by National Geographic in 2007, is produced by an expert team of writers, editors and researchers who make it their full-time job to sort through the hype surrounding everyday products and behaviors. It has been the most reliable source of environmental information for the average consumer since its founding in 1994. For more information, visit www.thegreenguide.com.

About EVO.com
EVO.com is the largest online directory of green goods and services. Developed by former eBay engineers with oversight from expert advisors, EVO.com’s scalable “green screen” technology aggregates, sorts, filters, rates and publishes the best of the green marketplace. EVO.com offers consumers easy access to greener choices and provides online publishers a free, turnkey, revenue-generating, green commerce solution. For more information, visit www.evo.com.

About GenGreen
GenGreen is a Colorado-based company that makes sustainable living easy for consumers everywhere. GenGreenLife.com, with more than 35,000 listings readily accessible in all 50 states and over 5,400 cities across the country, is the most comprehensive and diverse resource available for people looking to live a locally focused, environmentally conscious lifestyle. For more information, visit GenGreenLife.com.