VICTORIA, Texas- The Woodhouse Day Spas, the premier franchise of day spas in North America, is announcing the launch of a new program which allows a grassroots approach to the expansion and growth of The Woodhouse brand. This Area Representative Program allows select franchisees the ability to recruit franchise candidates and provide pre- and post-opening support at a local level, adding to the existing, comprehensive foundation that The Woodhouse Day Spas provide as a whole.

“I’m excited about this program because it gives these individuals an opportunity to grow their businesses, while at the same time further cultivating The Woodhouse brand”, says Jeni Garrett, founder and CEO of The Woodhouse Day Spas.

A brand that has grown despite a crippling recession (currently with 23 active franchises across the country), The Woodhouse Day Spas are now paving the way for luxury businesses to continue to thrive.

Erica and Andy Miller, owners of The Woodhouse’s Lubbock spa, and prime examples of the self-starting entrepreneurship that this program provides, have jumped on the Area Representative bandwagon and are leading the charge in New Mexico and North/West Texas, while Chris Mann, of Woodhouse-Cincinnati spearheads Ohio, as well as Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.

As Area Representatives, the Millers, Chris Mann, and others, who may or may not already own a Woodhouse franchise, will seek out candidates on behalf of The Woodhouse Day Spas and provide marketing and operational support and services within their assigned geographical territory. The Area Representatives, in turn, will receive a percentage of the initial franchise fees and ongoing royalties, but will not be included as the contracting party.

While Area Representation has been around for decades, this is the first time The Woodhouse Day Spas have now revolutionized it as a part of their development strategy. Jeni Garrett is confident that this program will offer more opportunities for those looking to grow outside of just their individual franchise.

“It is very important to me that we flourish in a strategic, streamlined manner because protecting and building a high-quality brand is my top priority,” she says, “After 7 years of building our systems and infrastructure we are now at a point to handle the growth that we expect through this program.”

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