Like Johnny Appleseed of legend, Dave Freerub is on a mission, too. The mission: free massage for all!

In a time when deep economic woe, record foreclosures and bank failures, ridiculously high gas prices, global insecurity, an unpopular war and despair grips the nation, it may seem to some that a massage is a bit frivolous. To the contrary, a FREE 5 minute massage and neck rub from a professional, licensed massage therapist could well be the momentary relief everyone in America needs from all these troubles and tribulations.

Massage Therapist On Call„ ( is partnering with major retail and commercial locations to provide massage stands which offer FREE 5 minute massages to anyone and everyone! All that is required is to show up and get a massage, on a first come, first serve basis.

HEB Central Market in Southlake, Texas, will host the world™s first Massage Therapist On Call„ FREE massage for all event on Saturday, July 26th, from noon to 4:00 pm.

Locations and times for future FREE massage for all events will be posted on the Massage Therapist On Call„ website at

Note to Journalists: There is no better way to fully understand this story, the critical social message and its therapeutic value than for you to get a first hand demonstration of the FREE rub. Let us send a mtOnCall independent licensed massage therapist to you for the write rub. (Currently only available in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area.)

For more information and for the write rub on this story, contact:

David Matthews
(aka “Dave Freerub”)

Massage Therapist On Call„

Massage Therapist On Call(TM)
David Matthews, 817-741-6134