Susan’s Soaps & More, manufacturer of all natural soaps and skin care products has introduced all natural non-antibacterial, liquid Body Wash & Hand Soap that complements the rest of their line.

Scurry, TX (PRWEB) September 15, 2009 — Susan’s Soaps & More just introduced all natural, non-antibacterial, liquid Body Wash & Hand Soap that complements the rest of their line of green soaps and skin care products. The new soap is offered in two aromatherapy scents and three sizes. Body Wash & Hand Soap was developed in direct response to customer demand. Susan Svec, the company president has stated, “Our three primary responsibilities are to create all natural, quality products at a reasonable price while providing exemplary customer service and responsiveness.” Visit the website for more information on Susan’s Soaps & More.

The new liquid Body Wash & Hand Soap follows the strict guidelines that Susan’s Soaps & More sets for all of their products.
-No artificial or synthetic fragrances
-No artificial or synthetic preservatives
-No artificial or synthetic colorants
-No animal fats or animal testing

Available in the popular Grapefruit Tangerine and Lavender Rosemary, the scent blends are created from pure essential oils giving the soap true aromatherapy benefits. The new natural liquid soap is also vegan, as are many of the company’s products. Body Wash & Hand Soap is being offered in a 4.75 fl. oz. flip top, a 9.5 fl. oz. flip top and a 8.75 fl. oz. pump bottle.

Early this spring, a customer expressed a need for an all natural liquid soap. As a cancer survivor, she wanted to use natural products and had difficulty finding any non-antibacterial liquid soaps. After conducting an impromptu customer survey, the company concluded that there was definitely enough interest for them to produce such a product. Not only have liquid soaps been gaining in popularity, but several notable organizations have discouraged the use of antibacterial soaps as well. Definite negatives occur with the use of antibacterial soaps including more chemicals in both people’s bodies and the waste water environment. With no proven benefits offered, it makes sense to avoid using them. Perhaps one of the most notable groups to publicly oppose the use of antibacterial soaps is the American Medical Association which took a stand against them in 2002. Susan’s Natural Soap Blog with post on antibacterial soap.

Susan’s Soaps & More believed this was a needed product niche that they could fill. Susan began researching formulas and testing procedures. After a summer of concentrated R&D efforts she created this newest product – an all natural liquid Body Wash & Hand Soap. Click here to view a video of the progress through test stages of the liquid soap.

Susan’s Soaps & More is proud to offer an all natural liquid soap that is non-antibacterial and available in two delectable scents. It not only leaves your skin clean, but feeling great. Natural Body Wash & Hand Soap is available now through the company’s website at Liquid Soap and soon in select boutiques and stores.

About Susan’s Soaps & More
Susan’s Soaps & More began in 2000 as a response to Susan’s need for help with her own skin care problems, particularly eczema on her legs and adult acne. She started selling to a few local stores and then doing craft shows. Today Susan’s Soaps & More has an online store, a permanent space in the Dallas World Trade Center and sells to stores and individuals across the United States as well as internationally. For further details, visit