The bounty of nature can be found within myriad massage creams on the market today. From fruits and vegetables to flowers and herbs, the natural world provides plenty of ingredients that can bring their own special benefits to a massage cream, either alone or in combination with one another. Check out the all natural appeal of these plant-based massage creams if you are looking to add another layer of value to the menu at your massage therapy or bodywork practice.

A large number of clients who book massage therapy and bodywork appointments repeatedly may enjoy knowing more about the services they receive and the products that are used in the session room. In a way, professional touch therapists can educate their clients by telling them a bit about certain techniques and modalities, how they can be helpful in addressing whatever condition or issue the client presents with and so on.

The same goes for the massage cream a massage therapist or bodyworker chooses to use with a particular client. Let that client know why you selected this specific massage cream, what ingredients it contains and how these ingredients may be helpful in reaching the client’s desired goals for the hands-on session. When the information about the massage cream you are using includes mention of the all-natural ingredients it contains, your clients could perceive even more value in the massage therapy or bodywork session they have come to receive.

It should not be difficult to find massage creams that are made from these plant-based ingredients, because most manufacturers of massage creams know that the more natural they can make their products, the more appeal those product will hold for professional massage therapists and bodyworkers who focus each day on promoting health and wellness among clients.

You will find that the basic foundation of quite a few massage creams is a natural ingredient, such as shea butter or jojoba butter. These rich, moisturizing substances are pressed out of shea nuts or jojoba beans to make the butter that is so prized in top-quality lotions and also in massage creams.

On top of this natural foundation, massage cream manufacturers may add a number of other plant-based extracts and derivatives. For example, a vast amount of massage creams not only contain a nut butter of some sort, but they also may incorporate an oil as well, such as avocado oil, carrot oil, almond oil or another such element. Not only are these oils all natural, but they can help give massage creams the necessary glide for lighter massage therapy or bodywork techniques over larger areas of the body.

The bounty of nature also includes the wonderful aromas that waft from the essence of such items as lavender, rosemary, geranium, citrus and so on. These plants, fruits, flowers and herbs are processed down into essential oils, which also may be found in many of today’s massage creams.

Get to know the natural ingredients in the massage creams you purchase and use, so you can educate your clients about all the benefits they receive when they make an appointment with you.

–Brandi Schlossberg