Madison, TN—Nature’s Gift Aromatherapy ( is partnering with the United Aromatherapy Effort (UAE) to provide aromatherapy care packages to U.S. Troops serving in Afghanistan. The internet retailer recently shipped over 150 items for the cause, including Sine Ease Inhalers, Fresh Aire Spray and Germ Beater Spray after receiving an urgent call for action from UAE’s Sylla Sheppard-Hanger.

The packages will be distributed by soldiers at “Camp Phoenix,” near Kabul, Afghanistan, among some of the 60,000 troops stationed in the region.

“We were made aware of service members suffering from sinus problems, congestion and other respiratory ailments due to the dusty terrain, and immediately thought of providing free Sine Ease inhalers to help out,” said Marge Clark, President of Nature’s Gift Inc. “Sine Ease is a soothing blend of Sweet Basil, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lavender Essential oils in a base of Jojoba Oil, designed to relieve sinus congestion and pain, in a convenient pocket inhaler–perfect for use by our troops,” Clark continued.

The Nature’s Gift Care Package also includes 2-ounce sizes of Fresh Aire Spray (to improve “aromas” in small tents and living quarters), and Germ Beater Spray, (a blend created to combat common household germs), which can be used to freshen the air or wipe down counters or other dirty areas.

“Both smell delightful and are sure to brighten spirits,” said Clark, “while containing essential oils with antibacterial properties. Germ Beater’s components include essential oils with reported anti-viral and anti-fungal effects, as well.”

The UAE recently expanded its mission to offer aromatic relief to active U.S. Military Service Members serving in Afghanistan, after learning of the need for small sprays and respiratory blends.

“I know if we can help just some of them with aromatherapy for their environment, it will make their year-long tour of duty a little more tolerable,” said organizer and UAE founder, Sheppard-Hanger.

“This donation is just a small way we can serve our troops and boost morale, while letting them know we appreciate their continued efforts and sacrifice,” said Clark.

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