Pat Mayrhofer, President of Nature’s Stones Inc., believes the massage stone industry is in need of a pick-me-up and, along with staff, is preparing some revolutionary new ideas to do just that.  These ideas include innovative products and treatments that will excite the Spa and Massage industry around the world.  The entire staff of Nature’s Stones Inc., has a new thirst and desire to share their new products and techniques and is excited about the addition of a few new team members; Lynne Zsido, Chantal Lefebvre, Chris Mayrhofer, and Wayne Baumgaertel.

Lynne Zsido, a former Spa Manager from The Spa at Hotel Hershey, joins the NSI team as a Creative Treatment Design Specialist with a focus on Research and Development. Zsido has already exceeded her expectations with new and innovative ideas that will revolutionize the spa industry in treatments and in retail sales. 

Chantal Lefebvre has returned to the NSI staff after a year and half hiatus as Spa Manager at a prestigious spa on the French Riviera. Lefebvre brings to the table her expertise as an esthetician and massage therapist.

Chris Mayrhofer is a new upcoming therapist.  Mayrhofer’s experience in education will help to round out the NSI team of excellent trainers.

Wayne Baumgaertel also joins the NSI team of professionals.  Wayne is a nurse specializing in Cancer and Hospice Services, and will be assisting NSI as a technical advisor.

These four professionals round out the current NSI team that includes; Ann Lohr, Vice President, Massage Therapist and trainer; Judy Ford, RN, Director of Education, Massage Therapist and Video Production Specialist and trainer; Dr. Joseph Maio, Chiropractor and trainer; Patti Fedirko, Reflexology Specialist, Massage Therapist and trainer; Candace Griesel, Esthetician and trainer; Elisabeth Ott, Shiatsu Practitioner and Massage Therapist; and Colleen Bryan Spa Director of Operations, Massage Therapist and trainer.

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