Nature’s Stones Inc. has been reborn and is leading the way into a new realm of possibility with the launch of its redesigned website, The revamped site includes new products, information and functionality, as well as a commitment to make the health and wellness industry’s one-stop shop when it comes to hot (basalt) stones, cold (marble) stones, educational videos and DVDs, seminars and free online content.

In the past, a number of supply companies, many of which are not run by massage therapists or have one on staff, put together some stone sets, offered a few supporting accessories and provided a couple of pictures and descriptions with regard to what therapists would get when making a purchase. We are going to transcend that model by providing numerous packages, individual stones, a complete line of accessories and all of the education and description therapists will need to not only provide superlative treatments, but also protect the client from misuse and a lack of knowledge.

Nature’s Stones Inc. has a large selection of carved basalt stones, the superior quality of carved marble stones and the new release of basalt- and marble-filled bags for secure and comfortable placement. With five DVDs focusing on various aspects of safe and effective usage of heated and cooled stones, a sixth DVD in the final stages of production and numerous new video titles in the pipeline, Nature’s Stones Inc. is dedicated to leaving no stone unturned in this industry.