Burr Ridge, Ill. (February 20, 2019)—The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) announced the upcoming launch of the Massage Therapy Assessment for Certification (MTAC). The MTAC will officially launch in Spring 2019.

The purpose of the MTAC is to provide a personalized assessment of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the Board Certification Exam.

“Many therapists express an interest in Board Certification but may not be sure how to plan for it,” detailed Steve Kirin, CEO. “Whether you are a recent grad or seasoned therapist with years of experience, the MTAC will identify where you are in your knowledge and skill set. With such individualized results, preparing for the Board Certification Exam becomes a lot easier—you will know exactly where to focus your efforts to be better prepared for the exam and, hopefully, achieve a positive outcome.”

The MTAC provides an individual with a total percentage score, as well as a percentage score per category. Such a personalized breakdown empowers the individual to determine which areas to improve upon prior to attempting the Board Certification Exam. The assessment also reflects how well the individual has digested and maintained key information learned in core curriculum.

The MTAC is composed of 120 multiple-choice questions and is graded in raw score format. The tool assesses various areas reflective of both the Board Certification Exam and core curriculum, including: Massage Modalities, Techniques and Manual Forces, Applied Science (Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology/Injury, and Pharmacology), Professional Communication, Professionalism and Ethics, Laws and Business Practices, Self Care, and Assessment.

Upon launch, the MTAC will be provided to eligible candidates at all Prometric nationwide testing centers. The MTAC is only available in English.

Eligibility requirements for the MTAC are as follows:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Proof of current enrollment or graduation from an NCBTMB Assigned School
  • Pass a criminal background check (performed by NCBTMB)

The cost of the MTAC is $135, which includes the exam and a background check. The background check is valid for two years, should an individual pursue Board Certification within that timeframe.

“The MTAC and Board Certification continue to support NCB’s mission by challenging therapists to meet higher standards of education and experience,” shared Teresa M. Matthews, President. “As therapists complete the MTAC and pursue Board Certification, we will only continue to raise the bar for our profession—empowering therapists with new avenues for career advancement with credentials that speak the same language as fellow health care professionals.”

For more information on MTAC, to register to participate in the beta, or to be notified once the MTAC is available for registration, visit


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