(April 25, 2011): The City of Saarbrücken/Germany is the hometown of the Badminton World Training Centre and the Olympic Training Centre, Saarland/ Rhineland. The Olympic Training Center / Badminton World Training center has been integrated into the Hermann Neuberger Sportschule complex. This complex is the home of a variety of sports and athletes of the Saarland region and German top sports athletes. The center provides state of the art training facilities, halls, stadiums, sport science & sport med labs and services, athlete’s accommodation & catering. The facility is neighbored with the University of Saarbrucken and nestled in a beautiful wooded area conducive to training.

This October massage therapist Paul Lewis will be heading to the Sports-Med clinic at the Olympic Training Centre in Saarbruecken. The Sports-Med clinic is responsible for the wellness and physical fitness as well as health of the Level ‘A’ National athletes and inspiring hopefuls, treating injuries and creating physical fitness programs. Managing Director, Oliver Muelbredt says” Exchanges of new and innovative techniques benefits both health care profession and wellbeing of the athletes”

Lewis has been invited to present a two day workshop for their therapists. The workshop will be on his approach to assessing and treating various injuries ranging from hip/knee replacements, back and shoulder issues incorporating Dynamic Angular Petrissage(DAP) techniques from his volume 2 DVD.

Andrea Pielen, German representative and manager for the German National Kin-Ball team invited Paul in 2010 to be a therapist for the German team during the European Kin-Ball Championships. Andrea says, Paul’s treatment techniques are very efficient and effective at addressing athlete and client issues.

Prior to his engagement in Germany, Paul will be presenting workshops at Westminster University in London, England. He also plans on making an invitational stop in Scotland to present and teach additional workshops.

Paul Lewis is an international presenter with a comprehensive academic training and technical instruction in Swedish Massage techniques, stretching and strengthening exercises, Myofascial Release Techniques and Joint Mobilization. Clinical Skills includning assessment and treatment were taught through diversified clinical experiences including Ambulatory Care clinics (various conditions such as strains, sprains, low back pain and stress management), Senior Care, Team-based approach to Spinal Cord Injury at Toronto Rehab Institute *Lyndhurst site, High risk Pregnancy and Post Partum at Women’s College Hospital, Breast Massage *management of general breast discomfort as well as post-surgical management of implants, lumpectomy and mastectomy, Sports Clinic and Clinic focusing on Lymphatic movement and drainage techniques.

for more information visit www.paullewis.ca