Lodi, California (November 16, 2010) Auromère, one of America’s premium lines of Ayurvedic body-care products, introduces Neem Picks, Ayurvedic toothpicks for healthy gums. Made from birchwood dipped in Neem bark extract and potent essential oils, such as cinnamon, peppermint, spearmint and fennel, the new picks stimulate the gums and remove food particles and plaque from between teeth while freshening the breath. Auromère Neem Picks are packaged in 100 count boxes with a suggested retail of $3.95. 

“For thousands of years, villagers throughout India have chewed on twigs of the Neem tree as a remarkably effective toothbrush to scrub their teeth to a brilliant white, keeping their gums healthy and their mouth free of bacteria,” notes Dakshina Vanzetti, president of Auromère. “We’ve recreated the experience in these convenient ‘power-dipped’ toothpicks, a perfect treat at the end of a meal or a quick clean-up in between. They travel easily and can even be used as an aid to quit smoking.” 

Auromère offers a complete package for restoring and maintaining healthy teeth and gums with its trio of dental hygiene products that do not contain fluoride, gluten, artificial sweeteners, dyes, bleaches, animal ingredients or preservatives. Products are effective for special care situations and everyday maintenance including sensitive teeth and gums. 

  • Auromère Ayurvedic Toothpaste is available in four delicious varieties: Licorice, Fresh Mint, Mint-Free (homeopathically compatible) and Foam-Free in Cardamom-Fennel.
  • Ayurvedic Mouthwash contains 23 botanical extracts and 9 essential oils full of beneficial properties for teeth and gums providing important breath freshening action.
  • Auromère Neem Picks stimulate gums and keep the breath fresh all through the day.

“Neem is one of the most valued plants in Ayurveda,” adds Vanzetti. “All its parts–leaves, bark, seeds, roots and flowers–have been used in Ayurvedic practice and the tree is considered to be one of India’s national treasures. Research today continues to confirm many of the traditional benefits while exploring new ones. This ancient knowledge has been a great gift for modern times.” 

Auromère was one of the first importers of Ayurvedic products from India to the U.S. The company offers herbal toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, massage oil, lotion, shampoo, incense, as well as books and other gift items. Products are available at finer health-food stores, gift stores, spas, pharmacies and other retail outlets in the U.S. as well as online at www.auromere.com.  One-hundred percent of profits are donated to nonprofit integral yoga communities and projects in the U.S. and India.