The May issue of the Nereus Report provides valuable insight into the role of OPC technology in reducing operating costs, increasing process performance and improving product quality in the Process Development, Pilot Plant and GMP Manufacturing applications of the Life Sciences.

Consider a recent industry study which found that nearly 50% of the lost process runs in the Life Sciences could be attributed to the failure of “in situ” sensors such as pH, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature. Awareness of this problem within the industry has led to dramatic increases in operating costs as End Users implement “No-Tech” solutions such as sensor redundancy, aggressive maintenance programs and single use procedures. The net result of which has been to drive operating costs up while failing to significantly improve process performance and product quality. In contrast implementation of a 3rd party process analyzer common in the Life Sciences, enabled by off-the-shelf OPC technology, would negate the catastrophic effect of “in situ” sensor failure while enabling reduced operating costs, increased process performance and improved product quality.

“An increased awareness and improved understanding of the role OPC technology can play in improving their process management is critical if the Life Science industry is to achieve its business objectives. These objectives being to bring their products to market in a timely fashion while meeting or exceeding profitability and quality expectations,”said Larry West, Publisher of the Nereus Report and CEO of Nereus Consulting, LLC.

The Nereus Report is a monthly publication distributed electronically to several thousand life science industry leaders representing End Users and Original Equipment Manufacturers for whom Process Development, Pilot Plant and GMP Manufacturing applications are an essential element of business.

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