SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ — Dakim, Inc. announced today that a California neurologist has become the first physician to use the company's dementia-fighting [m]Power(R) Cognitive Fitness System in private practice. The adoption of [m]Power by Dr. Lorne Label's Brain Longevity Center in Thousand Oaks, CA — a memory clinic for elderly patients — expands the use of Dakim's brain training machine beyond senior living communities to the emerging brain gym market.

Brain Longevity Center patients sign up for two to five 25-minute [m]Power sessions per week as part of a broad program to improve memory function. Each session features entertaining brain games and exercises filled with senior-friendly music, film clips, humor and encouraging voiceovers, keeping participants engaged and willing to 'brain train' on an ongoing basis. Numerous medical research studies have shown that consistent long-term mental stimulation reduces the risk of memory loss and dementia.

"I've been using the [m]Power in my practice for just a few months, and I'm already seeing positive results. Users are more interested in the world around them, quicker in their responses, engaging in deeper conversations, and doing things like trying to read the paper," Dr. Label said. "There is strong evidence that new brain circuits can be built at any age, and I believe that the [m]Power can play an important role in doing just that."

Dr. Label selected the [m]Power over other brain fitness products because of tests showing that his patients continued to use the [m]Power while abandoning other solutions out of boredom, his respect for Dakim's scientific advisory board, and a touch screen interface that can be used without staff assistance even by seniors without computer skills. No mouse, keyboard or computer knowledge is required.

Each 20- to 30-minute session exercises short — as well as long-term memory, critical thinking, visuospatial orientation, calculation and language for a thorough brain workout. Activities range from anagrams and name-that-tune challenges to interactive puzzles and narrated literary passages with follow-up questions, transforming standardized neurological tests and exercises into enjoyable brain builders that avoid the tedium of other cognitive fitness programs.

The [m]Power system self-adjusts the level of challenge for ability levels ranging from active seniors with normal brain function to early-stage Alzheimer's patients. Exercises are updated every few days to keep users interested and encourage sustained use.

Dakim's [m]Power is currently used in more than 170 senior living communities around the country, including independent retirement, assisted living and skilled nursing communities, adult day care centers and senior centers. A home unit is scheduled to be released in early 2009. Online demos of several [m]Power exercises are available at

About Dakim, Inc.

Dakim, Inc., is the leading provider of brain fitness programs designed to help seniors reduce their risk of memory loss and dementia. The company's [m]Power Cognitive Fitness System is a touch screen-based mental stimulation system that offers a constantly changing series of rigorous but entertaining multimedia activities to help seniors preserve brain function. Home users can use it to combat a decline in brain function; institutions and home caregivers can use it to provide effective mental stimulation while reducing the cost of resident care. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA. For more information, visit

About the Brain Longevity Center

The Brain Longevity Center in Thousand Oaks, California, is a full-service facility dedicated to improving brain health for memory-impaired individuals. The center offers a comprehensive neurological assessment and a customized cognitive rehabilitation program, including both physical and mental exercise, stress management, nutritional counseling, medication management and psychological therapy. It was founded and is run by Dr. Lorne Label, a board-certified neurologist trained in both traditional and integrative medicine. Dr. Label has a full-time private practice in adult and pediatric neurology and is also affiliated with the UCLA Neurology Clinic. For more information, visit

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