Never Stop Learning, by Kevin Deal, MASSAGE Magazine Business TipThe key to any successful massage therapy business is to stay on top of the latest news and trends. There is constantly new research published about massage therapy that proves how beneficial it can be on people of all ages, with all types of issues. By subscribing to industry publications, you can stay in the know on the latest research and continue to make sure you are providing the most up-to-date techniques and information to your clients.

Along this same idea, it’s also important that you make continuing education a top priority. Yes, it can be hard to get away from the studio, but signing up for continuing education classes is so important in keeping your business fresh and competitive. Sign up for classes that challenge you and are guaranteed to help your practice, such as seminars on new modalities, marketing or how to be a better leader.

For business- or marketing-related classes, taking courses online is an appropriate and convenient format. However, when it comes to learning new techniques or styles of massage, it’s hard to beat a hands-on class. Sure, hands-on classes may require more of an investment and travel, but they can be worth it if you choose a top-notch instructor who speaks on a topic you’re highly interested in. For hands-on classes, search online or contact a respected massage therapy school in your area. Continuing education classes are required for a reason—they keep you engaged!—so don’t just do the bare minimum.

Staying fresh and up to date by reading about the industry and taking classes has an additional benefit to your business, too—it invigorates you with new ideas and keeps you energized and motivated as a massage therapist. This will always lead to better business. 

Kevin Deal, Never Stop Learning, MASSAGE Magazine Business TipKevin Deal has been practicing massage since 2002 and has been an instructor at MTTI-WellSpring in Kansas City, Missouri, since 2006. Deal specializes in craniosacral therapy, and his background also includes deep-tissue techniques, myofascial release, somato-emotional release work and an emphasis in energy therapies. Deal is a reiki master and is currently completing his certification in craniosacral therapy with The Upledger Institute as well as in the Trager Approach with the Trager Association. He is a member of the American Craniosacral Association, the U.S Trager Association and the International Association of Health Care Professionals. In addition to his work at MTTI-WellSpring, he maintains a private practice and is employed by the Alpha Chiropractic Center and the Kansas City Club.