Affordable Salon Software for Independent Salon and Spa Professionals

Rhino Heaven Software has released Small Business First Day (sbFirstDay), a comprehensive Windows application designed for independent hair, beauty and massage professionals who want easy-to-use software to support their new businesses. Unlike complicated business software that takes weeks to learn to use, sbFirstDay’s intuitive interface and embedded training videos on every window enable budding entrepreneurs to become productive immediately.

sbFirstDay’s color-coded appointment book lets you create one-time and standing appointments. The “squeeze” function lets you squeeze important clients into your busy schedule. It’s easy to track no-shows, and add customer-related notes to your calendar. You can even open the program’s Checkout Window from the appointment calendar.

The checkout window calculates order totals for the products or services that you have delivered. The program computes and applies sales tax, and processes promotional discounts as well as on-the-fly discounts. You can print invoices or e-mail them to customers. The checkout window automatically feeds data to the Daily Sales Report.

sbFirstDay supports the marketing and advertising functions that are vital to the success of start-up businesses. Use the built-in promotional email designer to create professionally designed advertisements. Add text, insert product images or logos, and automatically send emails to one client, or your entire customer file. E-mails can be personalized using data from sbFirstDay’s customer database. The program collects customer contact information, purchase data, and any notes that you add to a customer’s record.

The software maintains an inventory of the products that you stock and sell. Each time you sell an item, it is removed from your inventory database. sbFirstDay knows which of your suppliers stocks each of the products that you sell. The application alerts you when inventory levels are low, and lets you email orders to suppliers.

In addition to tracking the products that you offer, sbFirstDay also maintains a description and price of each service that you deliver. This information appears in your appointment calendar and in the checkout window, allowing you to speed your way through routing appointment booking and payment processes.

sbFirstDay tracks and reports sales, expenses, sales tax and other financial data. Without being – or hiring – an accountant, you can immediately look at a financial overview of your entire operation.

Whether you’re setting up shop as a small, single-operator salon, booth renter or building your clientele as a commission stylist/tech, sbFirstDay has the tools that you need.

sbFirstDay runs under Windows XP/2003/Vista/2007, costs $79(US), and may be purchased securely online from A special $19.95 price is available until December 24, 2009. You can download a 30-day trial version of sbFirstDay from the same web address. For more information contact Rhino Heaven Software LLC, 10050 E. Harvard Ave., Ste. B511, Denver, CO 80231 USA Phone: (303) 547-5534. Email: Internet: