January 12, 2012: The National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists (NANMT), an Association oriented to Nurses who integrate Touch Therapies into the care of their patients and clients , will be headed by a newly appointed Board. The Board President is Judith Dean, RN, DS, NCTMB, CHt, a former Director and Chair of the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork; Jamie Listebarger, RN, LMT, a former President of the National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists is the Vice-President and Andy Bernay-Roman, MS, CMT, the Founder of the Association, is the Secretary / Treasurer.

The New Board will assess and formulate various structural and logistical changes to re-develop a strong, active, viable membership driven organization. Currently NANMT participates in fund raising events, distributes a newsletter, provides a source of referral and collaboration to nurses and non-nursing colleagues and interacts with legislators as to the role of the Nurse Massage Therapist in health care. Members provide touch therapy to hospital in-patient, out-patient and in Community settings; as private practitioners within Health oriented agencies; as Researchers collecting data regarding the impact of touch therapy on vulnerable populations; teach the process of incorporating touch therapies to nursing students and caregivers and present at National Educational programs.

Organized in 1992, NANMT has been recognized as the official organization representing the specialty practice of Nurse Massage Therapy. As such, the Association supports the emerging trend of State Boards of Nursing to incorporate the specialty services provided by Nurse Massage Therapists as a component of the Nursing Process within the Scope of Practice of Professional Nursing. NANMT is a proud member of the Nursing Organization Alliance (NOA).

For additional information refer to the NANMT website – www.nanmt.org.