Woodstock, NY —  Massage therapists, most of whom earn less than just $35,000 per year, can now increase their businesses.  The good news is part of a new mini-book teaching them how to communicate their work.  Called How to Communicate Effectively to Expand your Massage Business, it was written by Cary Bayer, the massage coach and the keynote speaker at the 2006 AMTA national convention in Atlanta. 

The publication features seven chapters, including “Healing Hands, Inquiring Mouth,” in which LMTs are encouraged to use their speech to augment the skill in their hands, while “Ask and Ye Shall Schedule” explains the art of inspiring more frequent appointments.  “Word Watchers: Putting Your Vocabulary on a Diet,” points out the dangers of disempowered speaking, while “Inner Vitamins for Massage Therapists” teaches a simple, but profound, two-minute technique that strengthens an LMT’s ability to appreciate others and receive appreciation from others; the latter helping them receive more money from others, as well.  “Reach out and Touch Someone” describes the art of “Tele-communing,” which inspires irregular clients back to an LMT’s table.  “Forgiving for Gaining” shows how the healing art of forgiveness can help a therapist gain clients. In the final chapter, “Don’t Discuss what you Do, Discuss what your Client Receives,” the former owner of his own marketing firm explains the subtleties between an LMT explaining the modalities she practices versus the benefits someone receives on her table.

Cary Bayer, a Life Coach in Florida and New York, who’s worked with Oscar-winner Alan Arkin, David Steinberg, and Quality Inns, and ran his own marketing/ PR firm for 18 years, writes columns on coaching and success for World Massage Forum globally; Massage Today nationally; and for massage publications in 12 states. He’s privately coached more than 150 massage therapists, and is a faculty member of Massage Business University.  He has written 10 mini-books and DVDs specifically for massage therapists about the business of succeeding in their field.

His six CEU classes-“Build a $100K a Year Massage Business in Just 1 Hour a Day;” “Success Aerobics: A Prosperous Mindset Creates a Successful Massage Business;” “How Marketing can help your Massage Business Thrive;” “How to Overcome Procrastination NOW for Massage Success;” “How to Communicate Effectively;” “The Write Stuff: Everything you Need to Know about Everything you Need to Write”–have been popular with LMTs at annual conventions, chapter meetings, and at CE seminars at hotels throughout the country.  Each class is certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

How to Communicate Effectively to Expand your Massage Business is 60 pages in length, and is as valuable for anyone in the healing arts field as it is for massage therapists. It’s available for $10, plus $2.50 shipping and handling at CaryBayer.com, by email, or by calling (845) 679-5526.  Review copies are available if you’d like to do a book review of this publication.