Author and sustainability advocate John Marshall Roberts unveils a bold new paradigm for creating inspired green media and messaging called Transformational Design(TM). A seamless blend of science, psychology, and common sense, this framework helps environmentally conscious people design messages that systematically overcome cynicism and inspire others to real-world action.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 12, 2008 — The verdict is in. Nearly every leading global climate scientist on earth now agrees that humans are contributing to global warming,with disastrous future consequences. So why, as a species, have we still done precious little to curtail this dire and imminent threat? In his new book "Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries", author/activist John Marshall Roberts explains the fundamental basis for this epidemic of green apathy, and offers an bold new tool for overcoming it.

"We’re looking in the wrong place for our answers." John says."Most people are focusing on material solutions, but the true cause of our environmental crisis is hidden–it’s hidden the way we think and communicate with one another. Until we figure out how to shift the collective conversation to something more inspiring, we will remain in gridlock and our material problems will only get worse."

But how exactly are we to go about shifting the "collective conversation"? According to John, we must first attain a deeper insight into the hidden dynamics of inspiration so that we can learn how to systematically overcome cynicism in ourselves and others. And–after framing the problem through this lens–his book outlines a clear step-by-step communication design process to help us accomplish this, called Transformation Design(TM).

"The number one challenge of our times is not tsunamis, hurricanes, or stock market crashes–it’s our collective cynicism."John suggests "Once we overcome this mental barrier, inspired solutions will effortlessly emerge, and our species will rise to the occasion, just like it always has. Great, communicators will lead the way, calling upon the better angels of our nature and liberating us from the prisons of our cynical, life-choking minds. This is the new calling that each one of us now faces. This is the existential challenge of our times."

But does Transformational Design(TM) really work? According to John, he’s been using this framework for years, with breakthrough results. Even more, according to his book, the science that underlies his framework has already proven successful when used by world leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton at helping to solve, global problems related to apartheid and free trade. The difference is that now, through this new book, this once esoteric research has finally been made accessible to mainstream audiences. Initial feedback has been overwhelming.

"Good ideas don’t make any difference in the world if no one knows about them." John says. "This book is a powerful new tool that socially and environmentally conscious people can use to help rally others towards their cause. I believe that our best days are still ahead of us." An inspired vision, to be sure…but are a critical number of us willing to finally let go of cynicism and learn the communication skills that this book passionately proposes? Time will tell.

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