Inspirational book highlights a new approach to the art of giving, receiving and sharing massage and comprehensive well-being.

Human beings around the world seek inner peace and tranquility in an increasingly chaotic world. In Integrative Massage for the Inner Journey, author and massage therapist Luis F. Nunez invites readers on board “the vessel” to take a journey of inner reflection.

This beautifully illustrated, inspirational book contains the author’s own artwork, selected from different periods of his life to suit the book’s relevant content, while demonstrating how to stay afloat in the chaotic ocean of daily life, how to move within the harmonic energy flow of body, mind and spirit, and how to navigate the inner ocean of human consciousness while maintaining balance and serenity.

Nunez comments, “My technique has evolved in a very fluent way, and my approach to massage parallels that of meditation. Chapter six explores this subject in a beautifully narrated poetic way, demystifying mysticism on board a humble fisherman’s pirogue.”

The book contains nine chapters and an appendix in which Luis translates into English two ancient poems from the old Spanish language that date back to a time when Christians, Jews and Muslims peacefully coexisted, a period known as the golden age of the three religions.

Author and manuscript editor Sarah Aschenbach comments, “Evoking sagas and fantastic voyages in search of ancestral wisdom, Luis Nunez’s book is a helpful guide to maximizing the benefits of integrative massage. Spiritual seekers and bodyworkers alike will find it an empowering source of inspiration.”

About the author

Colombian-born American author Luis F. Nunez is an American-licensed massage therapist. A graduate from Florida College of Natural Health, his professional experience and background extend beyond continents and a particular discipline. In essence, he is a humanist, which gives his work a universal appeal. As an entrepreneur running his business, Massage Europe (, he skillfully incorporates his artistic sensitivity with his professional training and approach to life and well-being. He lives in Belgium with his wife and children. For more information, visit