A new book on health at work is a guide to implementing a highly effective worksite health program. The American College of Sports Medicine™s new ACSM™s Worksite Health Handbook: A Guide to Building Healthy and Productive Companies second edition, connects health promotion research and best practices. The book compiles the contributions of 100 of the top researchers and practitioners from Canada, Europe and the United States.

Rising healthcare costs, an aging workforce, chronic conditions that impact productivity and competitive interests are driving employers to sponsor health promotion programs to protect and improve worker health and business performance, said Editor Nico Pronk, PhD, HealthPartners vice president of health management and JourneyWell health science officer. Nearly one quarter of healthcare costs are directly related to changeable behavior and lifestyles. The workplace is a vast, untapped potential for living healthier lives which in turn improves productivity and reduces healthcare costs.

The new handbook offers the information, ideas and approaches to provide affordable and sustainable solutions for organizations. Other HealthPartners leaders contributed to the book, including Marcus Thygeson, MD, Jason Gallagher, director, Health Informatics, and Calvin Allen, senior vice president, Human Resources and Corporate Strategic Planning.

Pronk directs health improvement initiatives at JourneyWell, a division of HealthPartners, which have earned Evalu8 recognition and set the national benchmark for prevention and health promotion in 2007 and 2008. JourneyWell is focused on health and wellness solutions for employers and health plans to help manage the health of an entire population, one individual at a time (see journeywell.com). Pronk conducts research on health behavior change at HealthPartners Research Foundation. Pronk is the founding president of International Association for Worksite Health Promotion (www.iawhp.org).

ACSM™s Worksite Health Handbook is available from Human Kinetics at www.humankinetics.com.

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