New Book Reveals Historical, Spiritual and Cultural Connections to Thai Massage, MASSAGE MagazineIn Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts: Practice, Culture and Spirituality, author and registered Thai therapist Bob Haddad delivers an intensely researched and wide-ranging anthology. He uncovers a wealth of previously unavailable information and presents the historical, spiritual and cultural connections to the powerful healing art of Thai massage.

Included in the book are ways to refine and maintain a healthy practice, breath work and body mechanics, self-protection techniques, reading body language, acupressure concepts, Thai medicine theory and Thai herbal compress therapy. In the spiritual and cultural section of the book, readers will discover modern translations of ancient texts, Indian and Buddhist influences, magic amulets and sacred tattoos, and accessory modalities such as reusi dat ton (stretching) and tok sen (hammering therapy). The final section, features essays about practice with clients, written by therapists and teachers from around the world.

In addition to the author’s work, other contributions in this anthology are from well-known Thai massage professionals, including the following authors: Kira Balaskas Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D, Noam Tyroler, C. Pierce Salguero, Ph.D, and Enrico Corsi.

The extensive experience and information provided in this reference book is invaluable to students or practitioners who wish to deepen their personal and professional understanding of traditional Thai healing arts.

Thai Massage and Healing Arts: Practice, Culture and Spirituality, by Bob Haddad, is published by Findhorn Press and costs $32.95.

About the author

Bob Haddad is a registered Thai therapist and teacher who has studied and practiced traditional Thai massage since 1999. He is the founder and director of Thai Healing Alliance International, teaches workshops internationally, and has organized international conferences on Thai healing arts. Haddad has written extensively on traditional Thai massage, and is the author of books in several disciplines, including World Music: A Cultural Legacy, American Music: Hits Through History and Trabalenguas Mexicanos.