Somatic Archaeology self-help method used with success in treating many forms of emotional trauma

05.18.2009 – Ruby Gibson, a 28-year veteran therapist and national educator has broken new ground with her latest release, My Body, My Earth – The Practice of Somatic Archaeology. This new book details how one can achieve a state of physical, emotional and mental health using the Somatic Archaeology protocol.

Somatic Archaeology is a generational healing technique. Somatic refers to the body while the word archaeology refers to the excavation of the remains of our ancestors.

“In addition to inheriting the physical features of our family,” stated Ms. Gibson, “we also adopt their behaviors, beliefs, traditions, and creative attributes, as well as addictions, psychological issues, and relational dynamics. Because the experiences that form these patterns are established long before we are born, we do not always consciously remember the origins of what we have adopted.”

Gibson explained further:

“This ‘historical amnesia’ is the cause of most suffering. When we experience a symptom as painful, we are taught to suppress or ignore it. Doing this for long periods of time aggravates the symptom, establishing chronic, generational, physical and emotional conditions. Fortunately, our body has a memory too, and through Somatic Archaeology we can access the origins that impact our life story, and hence heal ourselves by re-creating a new story, creating spiritual well-being, emotional optimism, and physical freedom. Somatic Archaeology then provides the tools to excavate your personal history in your physical body for healing and awareness of generational patterns.”

According to Ms. Gibson, Somatic Archaeology is beneficial for anyone seeking a deeper healing and understanding of the cause and effect of their life experiences, relationship patterns, familial predispositions, physical symptoms, and psychological attitudes and beliefs. This type of somatic remembering also allows for greater spiritual understanding and attunement.

Ms. Gibson’s present work includes providing complementary and alternative healing services to military familes and wounded soldiers with combat stress and traumatic brain injuries as Assistant Director of The Bridge Project, a 21 day immersion program for transitioning warriors. She also offers youth outreach programs through her non-profit group, Freedom Lodge, which includes working with children in military families and children who have lost a loved one fighting a wild land fire.

Ms. Gibson also offers a 200-hour certification program in Somatic Archaeology for healthcare professionals and therapists. The technique can easily be woven into any other healing modality. She also offers introductory weekend classes.

“Of course,” stated Ms. Gibson, My Body, My Earth – The Practice of Somatic Archaeology is a good place for anyone to begin. The book provides a step-by-step process to unearth the patterns of one’s past and reduce generational amnesia, which allows anyone to begin to create positive change. Visit my website for a list of graduates, or seek a professional trained in any form of somatic therapy such as Brainspotting TM, or Somatic Experiencing.”

Ms. Gibson will appear on The Authors Show Radio ( in a featured interview through June 4, 2009. She will also appear on The Authors Show TV version in a featured interview on June 1, 2009 (

Ruby Gibson a certified somatic therapist and national educator. She has worked for over 28 years in the alternative healing field. The focus of Gibson’s work has been helping children and adults reconcile trauma, abuse, addictions, and chronic pain. These include post-traumatic stress syndromes, traumatic brain injuries, grief work, and gender issues. She incorporates aromatherapy, breathwork and Brainspotting TM. She is the former Director of the Colorado School of Healing Arts, and is the developer of Somatic Archaeology. Web site: