San Diego, CA (November 25, 2010): Sun, hormones and aging can all contribute to hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone which accelerates aging. Doctor D. Schwab has introduced a botanical Skin Lightener to address the issue with breakthrough ingredients that are both effective and naturally healthy for skin. Hyperpigmentation is decreased with active ingredient Hexylresorcinol that helps to decrease age spots and brighten skin tone naturally – with results as good as the leading prescription ingredient.

Hexylresorcinol is derived from Alkyl Resorcinol, present in whole grain wheat and rye-rich foods. In an in vivo study, it had a greater lightening effect than 2% + of Hydroquinone, with longer lasting results since it targets deeper skin cells rather than surface skin cells.

To further protect from and correct the signs of aging, the skin lightener also features new grape plant stem cells, or Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Cell Extract. The plant stem cells contain epigenetic factors and metabolites which protect human skin stem cells against the harmful effects of UV radiation which are responsible for 80% of aging, as well as helps to reverse the signs of aging.

Active ingredients are incorporated into Doctor D. Schwab’s Alphasomes® Lightening Complex, a Phospholipid based delivery system that encapsulates the active ingredients and enables them to reach the targeted cells for superior product performance.