2009 is a history making year for All-America Rose Selections (AARS.Rose.org). For the first time in the 70 year history of the AARS a winning rose has been chosen to represent a cause. The 2009 hybrid tea winner Pink Promise is privileged to become a sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation which helps to extend women™s lives through early detection and education.

Pink Promise is a hybrid tea rose whose beauty is enhanced by the contrast of its large, brilliantly formed pink blossoms set against lush dark green foliage. Along with its stunning appearance, Pink Promise has excellent disease resistance, flourishing in many climates. Pink Promise is a highly fragrant rose which fills any room with a deliciously fruity scent. Pink Promise will officially represent a continual blooming promise of compassion and awareness.

I have always been a lover of roses and Pink Promise symbolizes the beauty and hope that we at the National Breast Cancer Foundation wish for all women, said Janelle Hail, Founder and CEO of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Nothing expresses that hope and beauty more than a rose and I am very touched that the National Breast Cancer Foundation has been chosen for such an honor.

“The National Breast Cancer Foundation™s mantra is ‘Help for Today¦Hope for Tomorrow’ and Pink Promise intends to spread that message with each bloom for years to come, said Jim Coiner of Coiner Nursery who hybridized Pink Promise. I am so proud we created a rose that is not just easy to maintain and beautiful in the garden but also represents an important cause. I want this rose to be a symbol of hope in gardens across America.

To be chosen as an AARS Winner, the new 2009 roses thrived during two years of comprehensive testing in 23 gardens nationwide. In fact, these roses flourished in 15 categories including the ability to resist disease, overall beauty and general ease of maintenance. Each winning rose bears the AARS red-rose seal of approval that ensures gardeners the plants will grow beyond expectations with little maintenance. Pink Promise was hybridized by Jim Coiner and introduced by Coiner Nursery of LaVerne, Calif.

About the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.® (www.nbcf.org)

The National Breast Cancer Foundation extends women’s lives through education about breast cancer and early detection. The organization provides hope to women and families affected by breast cancer through a community of caring support and encouragement that enables those diagnosed with breast cancer to have fulfilling lives during their treatment and afterward.

About All-America Rose Selections (www.rose.org)

AARS is a nonprofit association of rose growers and introducers dedicated to bringing exceptional, easy-to-grow roses to gardeners across the county. AARS operates the world™s most rigorous plant trial program via a network of more than 20 official test gardens throughout the country and representing all climate zones. This sophisticated evaluation process results in a new crop of AARS winning roses each year, guaranteeing that only the best make it into your garden. AARS strives to identify roses that are easy to grow, and evaluates plants on more than 15 qualities, including disease resistance, vigor and fragrance. Look for the AARS red rose logo as a seal of approval identifying the best roses on the market.

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